Simple obedience is all it takes

You are born for greatness

Never stop dreaming

Josefine Jønsson is a young woman born in 1992.

She has a passionate heart for people to step into freedom. 

In 2016 God put on her heart to write songs and release an album. She didn't dare to believe it, but in the following months several prophetic people spoke over her, that she would become a voice for her generation, that new dreams would come, and that she wouldn't be able to hold it back.

Josefine began the exciting adventure, and in January 2018 she released her first single "Butterfly" with a beautiful music video.

In March 2018 she released her first EP called "Promise" which has been marked as ".. an excellent debut of a new danish pop artist" by the Danish Newspaper, Udfordringen.
Josefine recently released her new single called "Rely" and you can follow that adventure on Facebook & Instagram by following @josefinefjofficial.

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