"In everything I do, my finger points to You."

Thankfulness creates gratitude, appreciation and hunger. It feeds the heart with joy and softens the worried thoughts. It decreases stress and increases happiness. It works like medicine for our bodies and it pleases heaven's heart.

I believe thankfulness is a vital part of our daily living, and I believe that we live longer, if it becomes a core value for us.

This past season of my life has been incredible, unbelievable, joyful, creative, heart breaking, wild, challenging and full of wonders. Life's got it all, right?

Two days ago I decided to write down everything, that I was thankful for, and I got to write a whole lot of pages. Thankfulness reminds us of the beautiful memories, that we get to experience, and they deserve to be appreciated.

When I give my mother even the smallest gift, she often gets tears in her eyes and smiles from deeply within - what does that create? A hunger for giving her more presents, more compliments, more joyful experiences.

I think every giver deserves a thankful response to their generosity - wether it being a grateful word, an intense look of joy in the eyes or a grateful creative expression, etc.


If you want to see breakthrough in your life - start out by appreciating what you've already got.

I've decided one thing; my heart must turn to thankfulness every day.

Some days it's easy to write ten pages and other days it might be difficult to write one, but everything counts in the path of good decisions.


"If all I had was today

I would just sit here and stare in Your face

You are worthy, You are worthy.

If all I had was today

I would just run into Your arms and stay

You are worthy, You are worthy." - Thankfulness, Josefine

// Josefine

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